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I have considered an appropriate punishment for the good-for-nothings responsible for this horrendous breach of conduct. Death, of course - but death is too good for disappointments such as these.
The Administrator

An Exploit is a bug or unintended feature of gameplay that is deliberately and knowingly used by the player to gain an advantage. For example, if a bug enables a player to be immune to damage and a player knowingly uses it, it is an exploit.

In contrast, bugs or problems which either do not affect gameplay or else are not intentionally triggered are classified under glitch.


List of Exploits

NOTE: An exploit is said to be ' if it is unintentional to the games Developers, because it is a broken feature of the game.

Class Exploits

  • Two Classes This is an exploit, by which a player can be two classes at the same time. For example, players can be a heavy/scout, and they would be able to double jump and run fast, even though they appear as a heavy to other players.

Terrain Exploits

  • Fenced Sentries Whereby an Engineer may place his Sentry gun behind a linked fence, from behind which it can shoot. These can still generally be sapped or affected by explosive splash damage. (Broken)
  • Fenced Teleporters Similar to Fenced sentries, but instead of a sentry, putting a teleporter exit behind a fence, almost always made to trap teammates. (Broken)
  • Jumping Through Walls Whereby players are able to jump through walls. This is also known as the "Jelly Hop". This is done by using a variation of crouch jumping. Basically you need to get into crouch jump mode, by clicking crouch and then clicking jump. Then you need to either keep on clicking crouch while pushing towards the wall, or by pressing and holding crouch as you hit the wall.
  • Shooting Through the Gates in Various Maps Some maps will have a pair of separable gates that do not open until after setup time has ended. However it has been found that Snipers may shoot through the gates and that the Pyro's flames can bypass them. While the Pyro's flames passing through may be considered an intended feature due to the gates featuring chain links in-game, Snipers may actually shoot through the solid metal sections of the gates themselves. Demomen, Soldiers, and sometimes Medics can sometimes use the cracks in the walls to use their explosive weapons (or needs to drop down) to hurt/kill enemies in their own spawn.(Partially Broken). As a sniper, if you throw a jarate at the base of the gates,the enemies caught in the range will be jarated and this will also happen using Mad Milk as a scout.
  • Skywalking Whereby a player gains vast height through sticky jumping, rocket jumping or using engineers buildings to gain enough height to allow them to walk on top of the map area. This is also possible for other classes in cooperation with their opponents, by using knock back. (e.g. an enemy sentry or an enemy medic)
  • Underground Sentries Whereby an Engineer may place his Sentry gun under the surface of the ground, where it can attack but not be attacked. It can be sapped by spies in some cases, where the sentry under the map is close to the surface of the map. (Broken)
  • Rooftops In several stages, mainly Badwater Basin, there are spots on the rooftops of buildings that can be walked upon without any invisible walls obstructing movement. In Badwater, a prime example of this would be at the second point. Directly to the left of the building with a balcony, there is a building with an orange-ish rooftop. On the farthest left part of the roof, there is a small niche where Demomen, and occasionally Soldiers, can walk around. It may take a few tries due to fall damage, but you can still be healed by a medic on the ground. This position can be terribly annoying for the BLU team, especially since the Demoman can constantly get up there as long as RED controls the second point's roof area. (Partially Broken)

Weapon Exploits

  • Face Stabbing Whereby a Spy is able to achieve a backstab by stabbing someone's front, usually around their face. This was listed as fixed in an update by Valve, which seems to have reduced its occurrence somewhat. However, it is now more common when stabbing players walking backwards from the front (Broken)
  • Needle boosting Whereby players could be boosted to inaccessible areas by Medics. This is done by medics who shoot their needles underneath players on their own team. (Broken - Xbox 360 and PS3 Version)
  • Making stickies stick halfway through walls If a Sticky is shot at the correct angle, then it can stick halfway through a thin wall and can damage players on the other side, but not cause damage on the side from which the Sticky was shot.
  • Throwing Sandman Balls Through Thin Walls If you are using the Sandman as a scout and quickly throw the ball before hitting a thin wall or glass, it is possible to throw the ball through the wall and hit targets on the other side. Has to do with the way the souce engine crates projectiles. (Broken)

Building Exploits

  • Teleporter Exploit Whereby an Engineer could earn himself a large amount of points by using his own teleporter repeatedly. Every time an engineer's teleporter is used,the engineer who made that teleporter gets half of a point. (Broken - Xbox 360 and PS3 Version)
  • Dispenser Exploit Whereby a Spy can build a dispenser by typing "build 0" into the console. The Spy needs the necessary metal to construct it, and cannot upgrade it, although allied Engineers can upgrade it. The Spy will not see it in the HUD, but will hear if it is low on health or being sapped. Spies lose the ability to place sappers until they die or contact an ammo locker after doing this. (Fixed - PC Version, worked for less than a day)
  • Tele-Trap Exploit Whereby an Engineer can use his teleports so the victim cant move, but is forced to use the teleport over again.
  • Unlimited Buildings Exploit Whereby an Engineer can build an unlimited number of buildings by using the commands, "build 0 x", "build 1 x", and "build 2 x" (where x is the number of the building), and a Spy can build an unlimited number of Dispensers using "build 0 x" (where x is the number of the building). (Fixed in a recent patch, Worked for 2 days)
  • Level 2/3 Mini-Sentry Exploit Whereby an Engineer could upgrade his mini-sentry by building a normal sentry, then switching his melee weapon to the Gunslinger. He picks up the normal sentry, and, once the sentry is relocated while the Gunslinger is equipped, will see a mini-sentry building up, keeping the level it was before it was moved. An alternate method existed wherein the Engineer would pull out a Sentry with the Wrench equipped, then switch to the Gunslinger and build the Sentry. The Sentry would build as a regular Sentry (thus allowing players to build regular Sentries with the Gunslinger equipped). The Sentry would then be leveled to the desired level, and moved. When dropped the Sentry would build as a Mini-Sentry of the same level as it was previously. Level 2/3 Mini-Sentries were always red in color, but the beacon on top was always the same color as the Engineer who built it.(Fixed, first method worked for less than a day. Second method went unpatched for four or five days.)
  • Building Mini-Sentries with the Wrench Similar to the second Level 2/3 Mini-Sentry glitch above, pull out a Sentry with the Gunslinger equipped then switch to a Wrench and build the Sentry. It will build as a Mini-Sentry.
  • Sentry Jumping Where an Engineer uses the Wrangler and his own sentry to rocket jump or boost himself. JakeThief's videoLink to JakeThief's video. (Still works on PC)

Taunt Exploits

  • Running Taunt This is where a player is able to taunt and move around the map at the same time. This is done by clicking taunt and then clicking jump or running off a ledge right before you are able to see your taunt. You cannot see if you did this correctly, unless you are a pyro with your shotgun out, in which case, you will see fire in front of you. Or, if you are a medic and you have out your bonesaw, in which case, you will hear music. NOTE: While in this form of taunting, you are able to build objects as engineers, and use your weapons.
  • Taunting with Wrong Weapon Is when a player uses a taunt and the taunt's animation displays another weapon in the player's hands, like a Heavy spinning his Minigun in his finger (Shotgun Taunt), or a Pyro doing air guitar with his Flamethrower or Shotgun (Fire Axe Taunt).

To do this, simply press the taunt button with any weapon and immediately change to another weapon before the animation starts; this will display the first weapon's animation but holding the weapon you just switched to. (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

(NOTE: This has been patched on PC as of the Mann Conomy Update. Now when you attempt to do this it only shows player taunting with no weapon.)

  • Cloaked Taunt (Patched May 19, 2010 Patch) This is when a spy taunts while cloaked. In order for a spy to do this they would have to taunt and quickly cloak. This can be exploited with the knife's kill-taunt, as the enemy cannot see the spy taunting.

Vote Exploits

  • Increasing Vote Count This is when players use a combination of several techniques into one, to bypass the normal amount of votes a player is allowed to have.

Map Specific Exploits


  • Entering Enemy's Spawn The Engineer can build a teleporter exit in their spawn. After the Sniper/Spy-update (which allows spies to take enemy teleporters), it's possible to enter the enemy's spawn with an enemy engineer. You must be a Spy to use the teleporter/enter the enemy's spawn. (NOT PATCHED)
Link to Setlet's video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAXOXIW-lqQ
  • Entering Enemy's Spawn 1 A hole in right side of the No Enter symbol for Blu's base (the one next to the haystacks) can be used by red players to get into the Blu's spawn. The hole is located on the right side of the No Enter symbol, if you are facing their spawn. The only way to get in there, is if one of the Blu's team member goes to their spawn or comes out of it. Then while the door is still open, you need to stand next to it and move toward the right side and you will get in their spawn. (Broken - Xbox 360 and PS3 Version)
  • Entering Enemy's Spawn 2

In BLU base when an engineer crouch jumps next to a plank below the spawn, they will go through the map, and if the game lets them spawn a building in the spawn the Engineer can build a teleporter inside allowing other players to enter.

  • Entering Enemy's Spawn 3 Be a engineer. go to RED building, and near the entrance to the pipes, you will see a bunch of crates. Build an entrance behind them, and refill your metal. Now climb on the entrance, then jump towards the crates, and crouch when you reach to top of your jump. You will now climb on the crates. Go the the edge of them, the one facing the stairs to the pipes, and then Crouch Jump, then build an exit inside RED's spawn. Notice that it must be at the edge, or you won't be able to jump. Now go to the entrance, and teleport. You will appear in RED's spawn. This could be useful for BLU, as they can enter RED's spawn, and also be useful for RED, in case they you don't want your entrance to be sapped. You can also build a Sentry by trying to build very closely to the wall's edge; keep jumping and moving forward as far as you can before falling off the crates and you'll get it. With this method, you can have a Sentry, Dispenser and Teleporter inside the RED spawn for you and your teammates.
  • Opening Safe Room's Door It is possible to open the door leading into the "Safe Room" in which you first respawn, by jump-crouching into the door's handles amd jump-crouching again to reach the top of the door, and it will then open.

Note: This can only be done in the BLU main Respawn area and may sometimes not open.

  • Getting Outside of the Bridge Go to the staircase near the BLU Intel. Then by using the crouch jump exploit, build a teleporter while facing the wall (not the side where when you build it, you get stuck in a black room). Then teleport to the outside of the map, and go to the right to build a dispenser, and either have a medic teleport there to boost you up high enough to make it up to the top of the ledge or build your teleporter up on the ledge, and suicide (You do not have to suicide, if you build a sentry and use that to crouch jump to the top of the ledge. Then go right to the wall in the video, and have a medic needle boost you all the way to the top, where you should build your teleporter. When you are up there, you can jump down to the other side, and you will be outside of the bridge in 2fort.
  • Holding Enemies Spawn Door Open Both teams can hold open the enemies spawn door at the hay room by running into it while it is open. While this works well for the Blu team, as they can potentially spawn camp, it's not so easy for the Red team. Should a member of the Red team attempt this, they can potentially get stuck in the door, unable to move, and end up getting dragged up and down with the door as the Blu team enters and leaves the spawn area.
  • Pointless Room There is a spot in each intel room, where players can get others stuck. This a dead-end, because players cannot escape, unless they suicide, or someone has built a teleporter that leads to the outside of this room. By building a dispenser on the left wall of the left corridor (the one facing the intel) and then by using the "jump through roofs" exploits to build a teleporter exit, a player can trap other players on their team. There is no tactical advantage to getting in here (sentries don't work here either), you can't be shot or shoot anybody. It is mostly used by people who are greifing as they will set up a teleporter entrance somewhere in your base and an exit in the roof. This then traps your team-mates and forces them to commit suicide. (Broken - Xbox 360 and PS3 Version) '
  • Roof Holes A hole in the roof of BLU's 'upstairs' room (above and behind the balcony) allows arcing projectiles (grenades and needles) to be fired into the 'upstairs' room just outside BLU's main respawn room. It can be used for taking out Sentries placed in the corner of the upstairs room. This looks intentional; however the same cannot be used on RED's base as chicken wire covers the hole. (Broken - Xbox 360 and PS3 Version) '
  • Building a Sentry on Top of Intel Staircase Room You will need a Medic. Even though this can be done in both BLU and RED sides, the procedure for the BLU side is a little harder and longer, so this will be how to do it in the RED side, which is easier.

First be an Engineer, and then go to the Intel Staircase Room (Outside Main Spawn Room, turn right and it's the room you see across). Go down halfway though the stairs, stop, and turn right (you must be facing the rocky wall with the wooden ledge above). Now do the Crouch-Jump Exploit to get glitched (head sticking though ceilings), jump into the metal bar and move right all the way to the top, then move left, and you'll notice you wont anymore move downwards but sideways, take out your PDA and move leftwards until you can build your teleporter.

Now go build your entrance anywhere, resupply and when you teleport, you'll be facing the Intel Staircase Room (but from the outside). Now turn right, destroy your teleporter and move across the invisible wall until you can build your Exit Teleporter (near left corner). Now kill yourself and teleport again, move left and you'll get to the cow and fence. This is the first half, which is also known as "Getting to the 2Fort Cow". It might look long but with little experience it might take you some 2 and a half minutes to get there.

Now build a Dispenser right next to the thing with the small roof in front of the cow, jump-crouch on top of it to climb to the second roof and build a teleporter, and then stand on the teleporter to be able to jump-crouch onto the third roof. Now call your Medic and make him needle boost you to the top of the building. Once you're up there, you can build your Dispenser and Exit for your teammates, and build your Sentry on the edge of the Roof for a really good defense of all the Courtyard Area. You might think that the Sentry is too high, but its range does cover all of the below area. Now make sure that you build your Exit as far in the back as possible (you can run on some space without floor), because if it gets destroyed and an Sniper gets you, you'll have to do all the process again.


  • The Red Spawn The red teams initial spawn room has misplaced no-entry blocks allowing members of the blue team to sneak in.
Screenshot: http://www.imagefilez.com/show.php/235591_cpbadlands0009.jpg.html
  • Middle Spawns You can build stuff in the middle spawns (once the fourth point is captured). You have to crouch to be able to build.
Screenshot: http://www.imagefilez.com/show.php/225972_cpbadlands0043.jpg.html
  • Last Point It is possible to cap/block a capture from the outside of the cap.
Screenshot: http://img358.imageshack.us/img358/4770/lastof1.gif


Stage 1

  • Starting Gates During the set-up time a Demoman can bounce pipe bombs through the gates to the blue spawn.

  • Building Inside Spawn In the blue spawn an engineer can build right in front of the gate on the left and in a corner off by the gate on the right.
  • Skywalking 1 Cap 2. Engineers can build dispensers/sentries to stand on or by jumping on top of boxes, are able to access some high areas. To skywalk, go to the small room with the boxes (the one across the bridge) , and then click crouch and then jump to be able to place a teleporter exit. Then by building a dispenser next to the wall and building another teleporter exit on top of the wall, you are able to skywalk at Cap 2 Stage 1 Dustbowl. You are also able to build sentries on top of the room with the box.

Stage 2

  • Glitched Area Control point 1 building - Allows a Soldier or Demoman to blast jump into the roof area of the building. Additionally, Scouts can double jump to get up there, and Engineers can build a dispenser and jump on that to get up there (the back section opposite wall to the rail track). (Possibly legitimate)
  • Glitched Wall Cap 2. A specific wall allows players to go into it..
  • Healing Through Walls By building your dispenser inside the small house next to cap 1 you are able to get metal and heal yourself. To do this, simply build your dispenser as close as possible to the wall with the telephone, and go on the other side to see if you made it close enough.
  • Skywalking Cap 2. To do this, simply build your dispenser onto of the farthest section of stage 2 cap 2 from the cap. And then get yourself glitched, by clicking crouch and then jump, and then have a medic needle boost you, to build your teleporter.
  • Teleporters above Ground To do this, go to the small house that is next to cap 1 of stage 2. Then go to the sections with either a telephone on the desk, or a coffee machine on the desk. By standing on this, you are able to build your teleporters on top of the desk. You might have to shift around or jump to get this to work.
  • Teleporter inside RED Spawn By crouching while next to the side of the walls you are able to build your teleporter, sentry, or dispenser in your spawn or the enemies.
  • Return to stage 1 BLU Spawn - Allows you to move back to the 1st stage of dustbowl. This requires an engineer and a medic. Let the engineer go to the LEFT supply locker of BLU, then get glitched by crouching then jumping. Now, the medic needs to needle boost him to the top of the locker, then the engineer needs to build an exit on the roof. Teleport, and you will be behind the fence that is blocking stage 1. Combine this with Stage 1 Skywalk, and you will be able to skywalk above your spawn, and defend it from above.

Stage 3

  • Teleporter inside BLU Spawn By crouching, while next to the side of the walls, you are able to build your teleporter, sentry, or dispenser in your spawn or the enemies.
Screenshot: http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=cp_dustbowl00113ft.jpg
  • Hiding Stickies Cap 1: If you are a Red Demoman and go to the blue exit gate on your left side, aim about a foot off the ground, count 3 cobblestones back towards the cp, and you can shoot stickies into the wall. Here they cannot be seen aside from a mute red light which goes away.
Screenshot: http://www.imagefilez.com/show.php/225980_cpdustbowl0035.jpg.html
  • Skywalking Cap 2: You will need an engineer and a medic for this. From RED's spawn, walk forward, until you will see a staircase to your RIGHT (not the one who leads down, but the one who leads UP). Climb it, and walk all the way, until you see an exit to your RIGHT. Build a dispenser there (make sure it won't be under the roof), and climb on it. Take out a Teleporter Exit, and let the medic needle boost you, while you hold "Build" button. If done correctly, you will build the exit at the sky. Now, refill your metal supply, build a teleporter entrance, and teleport. You will notice you cannot move. Destroy the Exit, and build it again somewhere around you. Now suicide (Switch to another class then back to engineer), and teleport. You are now skywalking. Be careful not to go out of the map's bounds, or you will fall down to the ground and stay stuck there unless you suicide.


  • Stage 1 Engineers can build on the balcony just before the final cap point.
Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2m6lYS7AYmo
  • Stage 1 Certain projectiles can be fired through the start-up gates.
  • Stage 3 Spawn Teleporter When starting in the spawn closer to the first cap points of the track for the payload. This is also the spawn with the large staircase. You are able to build your teleporter inside your spawn, by standing sideways to the gate.
  • Spawn Exploit In some of the spawns there are holes in the middle of the ceiling that Demomen and Soldiers can jump up into. This doesn't really have any practical use except for avoiding death in Humiliation.


  • Roof Holes: Above the red team's 2nd respawn point, there is a large opening on the side where a blue Demoman can spawn-kill the red team by launching grenades into the respawn area. A blue soldier can also spawn-kill the red team by launching rockets through the gap and also by rocket jumping into the gap and firing rockets directly down onto the red team as they spawn. The blue team's 2nd respawn area does not have this vulnerability.
Screenshot: http://www.imagefilez.com/show.php/225987_cpgranary0002.jpg.html


  • Roof Holes A hole in the roof of RED's respawn room allows weapon fire in both directions. The holes are between the boards over the window and big enough to allow most projectiles through.
Screenshot: http://www.imagefilez.com/show.php/225994_cpgravelpit0054.jpg.html
  • Spawn Building Red engineers can build inside their spawn area by jumping off the computer panel.
Screenshot: http://www.imagefilez.com/show.php/235584_cpgravelpit00021.jpg.html
  • Under Map 1 Cap A. By using the "Crouch Jump" exploit, you can get under the map at Gravelpit Cap A. To do this, go to the tunnel next to Cap A. Build a dispenser and use the "Crouch Jump" exploit to build a teleporter exit. After using the teleporter you built, you will need to crouch jump over a little gap in the small room you teleported into and you will be able to build sentries under the map.
  • Under Map 2 Cap B. By using the "Jump through Walls" exploit, you can get under Cap B Gravelpit. Go to the area, with the ramp, and then jump through the wall next to it.


Skywalking is possible in one spot with the help of someone from the other team. To do this, simply have a spy or scout on the other team crouch jump on to your dispenser, and then have them move over to one side of it, while you get on it. Then while they are crouched, crouch jump on top of them. Then have them stand up, and both of you crouch jump to get yourself on top of the lamp next to the door. Then try to crouch jump over to the spot where the teleporter was built, and try to build it there while you are jumping. Another way would be to have a demoman or solidier shoot at your feet to boost you up to the top of the lamp.

Screenshot: http://www.imagefilez.com/show.php/226879_tchydro0001.jpg.html



Jumping above the blue teams exit door to B before the round starts can cause the door to get stuck, making blue team not able to leave through the B exit door.


  • Glitched Area Backroom (Final Control points in CP_Well and Intel Room in CTF_Well) - Allows Soldiers, Demomen, and Engineers to get into the roof area and on the beams. Unconfirmed if an exploit or not as both teams can use it, higher areas are blocked by invisible walls and hasn't been fixed by Valve even though it's been around a while.
Screenshot: http://www.imagefilez.com/show.php/225997_cpwell0059.jpg.html

List of Patched Exploits

  • Backstab not breaking disguise Whereby a Spy could backstab while retaining their disguise. (Patched in PC and 360 version- Broken PS3 Version)
  • Bunny hopping A technique that allows players to move faster than they regularly could, without bunny hopping. To do this, simply press jump while moving.
  • Civilian Heavy Whereby a Heavy could go into the standard reference pose by spinning the minigun in spawn and switching class to Heavy. This is still performable, but another method is required. (Patched in PC and 360, unsure with PS3)
  • Cloaked Backstab Whereby a Spy could backstab while remaining cloaked.(Patched in PC and 360 version- Broken PS3 Version)
  • Critical Hit Storing Whereby players are able to store critical hits in their weapon, especially annoying for spies one-shotted by an Engineer's wrench. (Patched in PC and 360 version- Broken PS3 Version)
  • Crouch Jump Whereby players are able to build teleporters in places that they should not be able to, like in the enemy's or their own spawn. To do this, click crouch and then click jump to boost yourself through roofs partially, and you should be able to build if you are jumping correctly in the correct spot, like in the exploit at dustbowl stage 1, cap 2. If you click crouch then jump then crouch again you will get stuck in the roof and may be able to build, if you are in the correct spot. You can also do this on top of your sentry/dispenser, if you crouch jump onto it, or other objects in the game, like boxes and crates. (Patched in PC version only)
  • Demo Achievements Whereby players could complete achievements by spectating other players who earned them.
  • Door Block Exploit Allowed an engineer to block spawn doors with the help of teleporters. (Patched in both versions- Broken PS3 Version).
  • Heavy Minigun Exploit Whereby a Heavy was able to run and simultaneously rev up or fire their Minigun (Patched in both versions- Broken PS3 Version)
  • Intelligence Teleportation An exploit that allowed a player to teleport with the intelligence by dropping it next to the Teleporter, then picking it up as you teleported.
  • Melee Weapon Switching Exploits Whereby players could attack and then instantly switch to another weapon and back again, making your next attack with the melee weapon land instantly, and stack on the attack you are already making. (Patched in PC and 360 version - Broken PS3 Version)
  • Needle boosting Whereby players could be boosted to inaccessible areas by Medics. (Patched in PC version only - Broken for Xbox 360 and PS3 Versions)
  • Occlusion Visualization Cheat (cvar) Allowed you to make use of the built-in Performance UI to enable visible occluders which would let you then see through walls (Patched in PC version).
  • Whereby a disconnected Medic could continue to ÜberCharge his target indefinitely.
  • Whereby a Medic is able to give himself an ever-lasting ÜberCharge for the rest of the round. It requires a player to have unlocked the Kritzkrieg, and is done by switching to the Kritzkrieg whilst deploying the uber in the team respawn room. This can also be done the opposite way around - by switching to the Medigun, giving the player infinite critical hits for the rest of the round. Standing near a dispenser (or payload while attacking), healing a team-mate, or being healed by a team-mate will however end the charge.
  • Teleporter Exploit Whereby an Engineer could earn himself large amounts of points by using his own teleporter repeatedly. You can no longer earn points by using your own teleporter. (Patched in PC version - Broken PS3 Version)
  • Wall Sap Whereby a Spy could attach an Electro sapper to enemy buildings through thin walls. (Patched in PC and 360 version- Broken PS3 Version)
  • Cart Upgrading Wherer Blu Engineers could "upgrade" the dispenser on the cart by hitting where the blue stream comes out of the pipe on the cart, allowing it to dispense health faster than normal.
Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=fkXLzZ0O8_A

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